Why I love Sedona Arizona, Reason 4


Here’s the next reason why I still love Sedona Arizona, after all these years… 4. Zoning codes that keep Sedona beautiful. Did you know that Sedona Arizona is the only location on earth where McDonalds has teal green arches? That’s right! You’ll also not notice billboards, or neon street signs. And outside of a few […]

Why Sedona Arizona is still the place for me …

Moody Blues by Ian Whitehead

So OK, in a recent post I started to describe the top 1o things I love about living in Sedona Arizona. Lets continue that thought, shall we? Here’s my next reason why Sedona Arizona is right for me. Maybe it will be right for you too … 3) Climate and Elevation > At 4000-4500 feet […]

Top 10 things I love about living in Sedona Arizona


When I moved to Sedona Arizona 20 years ago, I sat with my feet dangling in the cool waters of Oak Creek Canyon and wondered, will I still feel as amazed with Sedona 20 years from now, as I do today? Well its 20 years later, and as I ask myself this question once again, the […]

The Red Rock Loop in Sedona Arizona ~ the sounds of silence

Bear Mountain from the Lower Red Rock Loop area of Sedona

On this beautiful New Years Day 2014, as I laze in the warm winters sun in my rickety rocking chair at our home in the Red Rock Loop area of Sedona Arizona, my ears are ringing ~ with the sounds of silence! You see, I have Tinitis (a constant ringing in my ears) and when […]

Sedona Home Market Update

Its early November, lots of buyers are in town here in Sedona, AZ so where are all the new listings? Many would be buyers of Sedona residential property are frustrated they can not find “what they are looking for” in their respective price ranges. The over 1m properties are moving very well, where 1.5 years […]

The Sedona / Verde Valley

Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde - the Verde Valley triange

Shaped like a triangle and sitting within the geographic center of the state of Arizona, the Verde Valley is formed by Camp Verde to the south, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, and Jerome to the West, and the Sedona area to the North – with Cornville and Rimrock/Lake Montezuma in-between.  With elevations varying from 3200-4600, the Verde Valley […]

Gap between home appraisal value & market value in Sedona gets wider

What an interesting week in my office – two happy buyers, both waiting for their home loans to fund … the first home appraisal came in $35,000 below the agreed upon sales price … the other came in at $50,000 below … Here’s what is happening – Appraisers must use SOLD comps as a basis […]

Things Buyers Do to Turn Off Sellers

This is so important that I wanted to share this article with you … my husband and I were just talking about this earlier today … the market has changed and although yes its still a buyer’s market in terms of great prices and low interest rates, there are ALOT of buyers in the market […]

Live CAM of Bald Eagles Nest

This is just a little reminder to slow down and put life into perspective … What a GREAT live CAM of a Bald Eagle pair nest and their 3 little ones … Enjoy! Live Video streaming by Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles

After the Sedona Storm

After Sedona Storm

What a beautiful sight it was to awaken to newly fallen fresh snow. In Sedona, snow seems especially striking against the deep red earth, the green trees, and a deep blue sky. Absolutely amazing! And as is typical here in Sedona, the snow was nearly all gone by noon … Our winters are similar to […]